The Little Moon Princess by YJ Lee

Before there were stars, a little sparrow flew up through the dark to the bright moon covered in the princess’s jewels. The Moon Princess, who was all alone, confides in the sparrow, explaining that she is afraid of the dark. The sparrow helps the Moon Princess to spread her jewels all over the dark sky so it turns out to be not so scary after all. When there is one last dark spot in the sky, the Moon Princess is selfless and takes her most prized jewel from her crown and lets the sparrow fly it up to the last spot in the sky. Now, when she looks up in the sky, she isn’t scared anymore.

This book is good as a bedtime story, for kids afraid of the dark, for your own little princess, and for kids who love the stars as well.  Its beautiful illustrations, drawn by the author, Y.J. Lee, make this book a gift and story that anyone will enjoy.

The Little Moon Princess by Y.J. Lee; hardcover; $16.99; HarperCollins; ages 3-6

Happy Reading, Maryam


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