Author and Illustrator of Aunt Matilda’s Almost-Boring Party are ANYTHING BUT Boring

While the title of author Jane Morris Udovic’s book is Aunt Matilda’s Almost-Boring Party, her storytime event, along with illustrator David Udovic, was anything but. Jane kept the crowd engrossed in her storytelling with readings from Aunt Matilda as well as some of her poetry. Following the theme of Aunt Matilda’s Almost-Boring Party, the story of a boy who falls asleep at his Aunt’s dull soiree and dreams it enlivened with a pie fight, illustrator David Udovic guided the children through their shamrock pie craft (appropriate as today was also Alexandria’s  St. Patrick’s Day Parade). The pie was not just a mere treat, but a lift-the-flap style craft that would turn Karen Katz “green” with envy (couldn’t resist that one!). Each pie could be pulled apart to magically reveal concealed treats such as Tootsie rolls or even a small paperback book. During these activities, Jane and David interacted with the children one on one, provided guidance, answered questions and encouraged the kids to find their own creative flair as they designed their pies. As David said “Just because they’re shamrock’s, they don’t have to be green.” All through the day, Jane and David lost none of their own enthusiasm or energy, entertaining group after group of children.  It was truly a lively and exciting afternoon!


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