Fancy Nancy, Alice’s Fanciest Holiday Pick

Fancy Nancy Splendiferous Christmas, written by Jane O’Connor and illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser,  is a must have this holiday season for any young and fancy lady!  In this holiday season’s  fanciest and merriest story, Fancy Nancy is at it again, trying to bring  more “fanciness” into her world.  She loves Christmas time because that’s when her house looks its fanciest.   Nancy also teaches us more fancy words for things like “heirloom” for old and valuable, “delectable” for yummy and “caroling” for singing Christmas songs.  But of course, Fancy Nancy is not without drama: she uses her allowance to buy the fanciest tree topper ever, but when she’s playing with her dog, the tree comes crashing down, breaking into a million pieces!!   You will delight in the illustrations which show a good old-fashioned Christmas.  This story, as Nancy would  say, is “SPENDIFEROUS!”


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