Sunday Author Extravaganza!

Today at Hooray for Books! we had a great author event with six different authors. From 1-2 p.m., we had Sue Corbett (The Twelve Days of Christmas in Virginia, The Last Newspaper Boy in America), Cynthia Cotten (Rain Play, Fair Has Nothing to do With It), and Jacqueline Jules (Unite or Die, Duck for Turkey Day) talk about and read from their books; there was even singing from the authors.  Next, YA authors, Paula Chase (Flipping the Script), Elizabeth Scott (Bloom, Something, Maybe), and Caroline Hickey (Isabelle’s Boyfriend, Cassie Was Here) talked about their novels and answered questions from readers; one reader even asked if it was a myth or true that authors write in their pajamas all day. We all had lots of fun hearing from the authors, getting books signed, and eating delicious brownies and pumpkin bread made by Trish.

If you missed this event, don’t worry! The authors signed extra copies which will be on our “autographed” bookshelf.

Happy Reading,



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