Rebeka’s pick of the day 9/2/09

Little BeautyLittle Beauty by Anthony Browne (ages 3-6)

This beautiful story of friendship was written and illustrated by Anthony Browne. It was inspired by a true story  about a gorilla at the San Diego Zoo who learned sign language.  The Gorilla had everything he needed and could communicate with the zoo keepers.  The Gorilla realized that even though he had all of these things he was very sad and lonely.  He asked the keepers for a friend and they brought him the most unlikely little friend named Beauty.  I absolutely love the illustrations in this book as they paint us a beautiful picture of an unusual and pure kind of friendship.
Little Beauty; Anthony Browne; $16.99; published 2008; Candlewick Press


One thought on “Rebeka’s pick of the day 9/2/09

  1. I like AB’s books lots. Sometimes there is a strong note of strangeness, even menace, but this one has a real warmth between the two friends (not that the meanace – from the humans of course – iscompleteley absent).

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