Rebeka’s pick of the day 8/24/09

Marley Goes to School

Marley Goes to School by John Grogan (ages 3-6)

Whether you are heading back to school this September or not, you will love this hilarious follow-up to the bestselling Bad Dog, Marley! and A Very Marley Christmas. Cassie is all ready to go to her first day of school and Marley doesn’t quite understand why he can’t go with her.  When he decides to dig his way out of the back yard and sniff his way to school to find her, you can imagine the kind of mischief and trouble that only Marley could find at school.  Whether he is freeing mice from science class or sneaking hot dogs from the cafeteria you can be sure that Marley is having a great time when he goes to school!

Marley Goes to School; John Grogan; $17.99; originally pub. 2009; Harper Collins Publishers


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