Megan’s Pick of the Day 8/7/09

Stretch, by Doreen Cronin, illus. by Scott Menchin, Ages 2-6

9781416953418Get ready to exercise those muscles! Join our doggy friend as he leads us in a stretching adventure–to the ceiling, to the floor, with a whisper, and with a roar! Children can explore from the depths of the oceans to the heights of the sky as they get limber with this fast-paced picture book!

Doreen Cronin (author of the previous Bounce and Wiggle) provides text that is unfailingly energetic and joyful, encouraging young readers to join in on the adventure. Cronin’s enthusiastic words are paired flawlessly with bright illustrations by Scott Menchin. Bursting with color and texture, Menchin’s art is sure to engage parents and children alike! This fantastic new book is perfect for an action packed storytime with kids who like to get up and go!

Stretch, Doreen Cronin, Scott Menchin, pub. Aug. 2009, Atheneum Books

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Stretch your imagination with a good book today!

–Miss Megan


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