Haley’s pick of the day!


Olly and Me 1-2-3! by Shirley Hughes, ages 2-6

English author Shirley Hughes is at it again with her newest picture book, Olly and Me 1-2-3! The author of over 50 books,  Shirley Hughes continues to grow in her renown both at home in England and overseas.

Olly and me 1-2-3 teaches kids about counting from 1-10 through everyday activities.  “Two things often go together in pairs, like shoes and socks…”  Her unforgettable illustrations are sweet and simple, bringing a sense of sincerity to the pages.  Children with siblings will have fun journeying through the day with this brother & sister pair!

I’m a big Shirley Hughes fan myself,  and I recommend exploring some of  her older works:  Dogger, an all-time favorite, and The Big Alfie and Annie Rose Storybook both tell the tales of ordinary children and their daily adventures in a way that 9780099750307will melt your heart and never leave you. 🙂dogger

Add these timeless classics to your library today!

Happy reading!

Olly and Me 1-2-3, Shirley Hughes, Candlewick Press, July 14, 2009

The Big Alphie and Annie Rose Storybook, Shirley Hughes, Red Fox Publishing, 1988

Dogger, Shirley Hughes, Red Fox Publishing, 1977


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