Megan’s Book of the Day 7/17/09

higherhigherHigher, Higher by Leslie Patricelli, Ages 0-5

A little girl goes to spend a day at the park with her dad. What better way to pass the time than to play on the swings? As Daddy pushes her higher and higher, the little girl sees more and more exciting things. A giraffe! A plane! A spaceship! A new martian friend! When our heroine descends back to the ground and Daddy’s open arms, she has just one request–to do it all over again!

Leslie Patricelli’s text is basic and repetitive, presenting an exciting refrain of “Higher! Higher!” as the playground protagonist rises higher into the sky. The simple, vibrantly colored illustrations are delightfully playful and joyous. Young children are sure to be drawn into this wonderful adventure that climbs higher and higher into the realms of imagination! Explore the possibilities for adventure with this fantastic picture book!

Higher, Higher, Leslie Patricelli, pub. March 2009, Candlewick Press

Let your imagination soar with a good book!

–Miss Megan


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