Megan’s Book of the Day 7/10/09

Best Baby Ever, by David Milgrim, Ages 0-4

261342690_140Mommy and Daddy have the Best Baby Ever! They simply can’t get over how clever and cute their little baby is. They are determined to let everyone in the neighborhood know about the great talent their little one possesses. See him smile! See him laugh! See him walk! And swim! And go potty! Gradually, Mommy and Daddy’s itty bitty bundle of joy starts to grow up–but they’ll always think of him as the Best Baby Ever.

Author David Milgrim’s delightful story is a fantastic tale to share with your very own Best Baby Ever. Milgrim’s simple, humorous text is paired seamlessly with bright, engaging illustrations. This witty depiction of two starry-eyed parents is a fantastic gift for couples expecting a child or for parents who want to relive old memories with their toddler!

Best Baby Ever, David Milgrim, pub. July 2009, Putnam Publishing Group

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Enjoy your summer reading!

–Miss Megan


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