Maryam’s Pick of the Day — Shug

shugShug by Jenny Han (ages 10 and up)

This story is about Annemarie, or Shug, as she is known by her family. She’s twelve and it seems nothing goes right in her life, not since she realized that she loves her best friend Mark who likes her older sister Celia. Shug is the only girl who still wears a one-piece swim suit, the only girl without a boyfriend, and the only person her English teacher, Ms. Gillybush, hates. Middle school was supposed to be a great new time in life, especially with her friend Elaine, but now it seems even Elaine is making different friends from Annemarie. Not to mention Jack, a boy who just gets on Annemarie’s nerves and vice versa. How on Earth is she going to make it through middle school now? This book is a good summer read for a middle-schooler worried about how middle school will end up so they know that it won’t end up so bad.

Shug by Jenny Han; paperback; $5.99; Simon & Schuster

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