Faith, Hope and Ivy June

faithhopeivyjuneFaith, Hope and Ivy June, by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor (ages 10 and up)

Ivy June and Catherine were selected to be an ambassadors to each other’s neighborhoods: 1 wealthy and 1 poor.  This is the story of how everyone, wealthy or poor, has more in common than they thought.

My favorite part was when Ivy June comforted Catherine while her mom was sick.  Then, Ivy June’s grandpa was stuck in a mine that was flooded. Catherine helped keep Ivy June company.  Ivy June and Catherine became friends over the incidents with their family members.  This would be a good book for ages 11+ because it is a story about friendship and the similarities that are found when you don’t expect them.

This was one of my favorite books.

Sam, age 12

Faith, Hope and Ivy June, by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, Delacorte Press, $16.99

emmajeanEmma-Jean Lazarus Fell in Love, by Lauren Tarshis (ages 10 and up)


A second in the Emma-Jean series, this book is about 7th grader who likes to help other people.  Emma-Jean decides to help a girl by the name of Coleen who is looking for love in 7th grade.

My favorite part of the book was when Coleen decided to stand up for herself.  She finally chooses not to be pushed around by Laura, the bossiest, and most annoying, girl in the class.  I think this is good for other kids my age because it is very suspenseful.  It is also about a girl our age going through problems that we are going to have someday too.

I wish this book never ended.

Catherine, age 12

Emma-Jean Lazarus Fell in Love, by Lauren Tarshis, Dial Books, 2009, $16.99


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