Megan’s Book of the Day 6/12/09

All of Baby, Nose to Toes, by Victoria Adler, illus. Hiroe Nakata, Ages 0-3

51En3eKo6SL__SL500_AA240_Baby’s got bright little eyes, a neat little nose, and a plump little tummy! Mommy and Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa, and even Big Brother love every inch of this sweet little baby! Told in fun, lilting rhyme, this adorable picture book lovingly describes the cute ears, dancing legs, and tapping toes that make a “good enough to eat baby. Sweep me off my feet baby.”

Victoria Adler’s delightful rhyme is clever enough to engage and amuse parents, and simple and concise enough to capture your little one’s attention. Hiroe Nakata’s watercolor illustrations are bright and imaginative, capturing beautifully a wriggly, giggly bundle of joy! Don’t miss an opportunity to share this lovely read-aloud with your child!

All of Baby, Nose to Toes, Victoria Adler, Hiroe Nakata, Dial Books, June 2009

Come check out this and other fantastic books for itty-bitties at Hooray for Books! Also, give us a call if you need a quick suggestion: 703-548-4092.

Enjoy a good book today!

–Miss Megan

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