Recommended Summer Reads

Summer is here! Check out some of our favorites to share with your children this season…


Goodnight, Goodnight Sleepyhead, by Ruth Krauss, illus. by Jane Dyer

9780694015016It’s time for baby’s bedtime! As a tired little toddler says goodnight to her toys and dolls, readers are invited to say goodnight to everything in the nursery: “Goodnight walls, goodnight floors, goodnight chairs, goodnight bed, goodnight goodnight sleepyhead.” This gentle, soothing rhyme is the perfect bedtime story to read to your child.


 Goodnight, Goodnight Sleepyhead, Ruth Krauss, Jane Dyer, pub. August 2007, HarperFestival

AGES 3-6

Willoughby and the Lion, by Greg Foley

willoughby-the-lion_covWilloughby hates his new house. But suddenly his world becomes much more exciting when he discovers a golden lion in his front yard! The lion offers to grant Willoughby ten wishes, and the little boy couldn’t be more elated. He wishes for a roller coaster, x-ray glasses, and the fastest shoes in the world! He wishes for cookies and candies! He wishes for a hot-air-balloon-submarine with an escape helicopter! But none of these things seem to be quite enough. But before he makes his final wish, he realizes that the thing he has wanted most all along may be right in front of him. Author Greg Foley’s text is simple and accompanied perfectly by beautiful gray-toned illustrations punctuated by dramatic splashes of gold. Children will be delighted by this entrancing tale of friendship and imagination.

Willoughby and the Lion, Greg Foley, pub. Feb. 2009, HarperCollins

AGES 6-8

Danny and the Dinosaur, by Syd Hoff

24599649One day, Danny visits the museum. He loves to look at all the interesting things, but most of all, he absolutely loves the dinosaurs! When he makes friends with a real live dinosaur from the museum, Danny is ready to have the most fun day of his life! Together Danny and his dinosaur pal have adventure after adventure, and when the day is through, they are both happy to return to their respective homes. Beginning readers will be delighted with this classic tale of fun and friendship!


Danny and the Dinosaur, Syd Hoff, pub. Sept. 1992, HarperTrophy

AGES 8-10

Clementine, by Sara Pennypacker, illus. by Marla Frazee

n258189Clementine is full of energy! Whether she’s playing with her best friend, entertaining her brother, or helping her parents, she is always busy! But sometimes Clementine’s helpful spirit gets in the way and causes trouble she couldn’t ever have seen coming. But even when she makes the biggest of well-meant mistakes, Clementine knows that her family and friends will always understand. Sara Pennypacker’s delightfully lovable heroine is a character readers can appreciate, a girl who is always in trouble, but always has the best of intentions! Marla Frazee’s illustrations perfectly reflect the attitude of the story, full of life and movement. This is an excellent book for energetic readers who like their stories fast paced and unique!

Clementine, Sara Pennypacker, Marla Frazee, pub. Feb. 2008, Hyperion Books for Children


Heroes of the Valley, by Jonathan Stroud

heroes of the valleyHalli has always felt like the misfit of his family. Instead of being tall and impressive like his siblings, he is as short as a stump. No one seems to expect anything from him but trouble, and he is usually able to deliver. But when Halli’s practical joking goes a step too far, he must face the consequences of his actions. As Halli works to complete his punishment, he discovers that the peaceful society he has grown up in may not be all he thought it was. Halli must go deeper and deeper into a web of mystery, until secrets he has never before faced demand to be addressed.

Heroes of the Valley, Jonathan Stroud, pub. Jan. 2009, Hyperion Books

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Happy reading!


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