Patrick’s Pick of the Day 05/30/09

Don't Loose Your Shoes!Don’t Lose Your Shoes! by Elizabeth Mills, Ages 2-8

Eric loves his new shoes, but they keep flying off his feet or getting tangled up in the jungle gym. The other animals give Eric a piece of shoe-tying advice on each page, until at the end Eric has finally tied his own shoes.  In a comic twist, all of his friends now need their shoes tied!  Since Eric now knows how to tie his own shoes, they say in chorus “now you can help all of us!”

Mixing the story along with a practice “shoe” for lacing and tying, Don’t Lose Your Shoes! is a perfect combination for youngsters who want to learn how to tie their own shoes.  The laces that accompany the book are half purple and half light blue.  The lacing grommets are also color coded. The instructions in the back of the book teach children how to lace and tie their shoes using this color coding as a guide. The instructions are also included piece by piece on each page of the story.

Don’t Lose Your Shoes! by Elizabeth Mills, $8.99, Scholastic Books, 2009

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