Patrick’s NOT a book of the day — the game TOOT and OTTO

TOOT and OTTO gameTOOT and OTTO, a ThinkFun Game (ages 4-8)

Comprised of a game tower and 24 “T” and “O” letter tiles, this game from local company ThinkFun combines two fun games in one.  In the first game, the players drop the letter tiles into the game tower and see how many times they can find the words “TOOT” or “OTTO”.   In the second game, one player tries to spell “TOOT” and the other player tries to spell “OTTO” as they take turns dropping the letters in the game tower.  You can spell the words up, down or across.  The first player to spell their word is the winner.

ThinkFun is based in Alexandria, VA and is recognized for creating games that both engage and educate young children.

TOOT and OTTO; 2004; ThinkFun, Inc.; ages 4-8


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