Trish’s book of the day, 5/12/09

Slept Away, by Julie Kraut, ages 12 and up

sleptawayLaney Parker is the quintessential New York City girl, attached to tanning, texting and shopping.  Her summer plans are turned upside down when her mother (once a high-powered lawyer but lately granola-fied by her new-age boyfriend) decides to send her nature-deprived daughter to a rustic summer camp.  Laney finds herself at the bottom of the barrel in camp social life, besieged at every turn by such horrors as instructional swimming, arts & crafts, bunk cleanup, and the “no caffeine” rule.

Laney’s view of the world is laugh-out-loud funny and at times a bit cruel, but Laney is basically a thoughtful young woman who doesn’t take herself TOO seriously, so she’s very likable.   She’s very clever and eventually does some growing and changing during her summer at Timber Tops.  This is a fun summer read — a perfect book to take to the beach, or to send to your sleep-away camper.

Meet Julie Kraut at Hooray For Books! on Sunday, June 7, at 2 p.m.


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