Patrick’s Book of the Day 04/25/09

Sergio Saves the Game! Book CoverSergio Saves the Game! by Edel Rodriquez (ages 3-6)

Sergio loves soccer and is very good at playing it–in his dreams. In reality, when he plays, he trips, falls, slips and slides. Sergio feels down about his lack of coordination, until his father suggest that he try out for the goalie position. Sergio does, and with some encouragement from his teamates and the coach, becomes a pretty good player! With the big game against the seagulls fast approching, will Sergio’s hard work help his team win the game?

This is an excellent book with illustrations that bring back memories of picture books of yesteryear. The illustrations have clear lines and are colored with orange, navy, white and aqua. The message of finding a postion that is natural for you and working hard to get better at it is good one for young sportsters!

Sergio Saves the Game! by Edel Rodriquez; 2009; $15.99; Ages 3-6


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