Megan’s Book of the Day 4/24/09

The Missing Chick, by Valeri Gorbachev, Ages 3-6

coverMother Hen has seven chicks, but she can only find six! What could have become of that one little chick?  Frantically, the distraught mother chicken tears through the house and yard looking for her little downy child!  The neighborhood goat, sheep, pig, and duck join in on the search, with no luck!  As the entire community comes to Mother Hen’s aid, the little chick is discovered in the most obvious of places! As the barnyard animals leave to go home, the newly found little chick promises never to get lost again.

Valeri Gorbachev’s use of various well-known animals is sure to draw in your little readers, and his watercolor illustrations are delightfully classic and colorful!  Don’t miss your chance to enjoy a hide-and-seek storytime with your child!

The Missing Chick, Valeri Gorbachev, $15.99, pub. April 2009, Candlewick Press

Dive into a book today!

–Miss Megan


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