Trish’s pick of the day, 4/21/09

roawr Roawr! by Barbara Joosse, ill. by Jan Jutte, ages 3-6

This book is dedicated “To all the brave kids in the world,” and is the story of Liam, a very small, very brave boy.  Liam’s father is away, and his mother seems to be completely oblivious to the dangers lurking outside.  It’s up to Liam to keep his mother safe!  Just moments after Mama drifted off to sleep, Liam heard ROAWR!

“Liam rushed to Mama, called her name, but she was snore asleep.  Oh no!  Mama was delicious to forest things, and he was just a boy (thump thump).  What could Liam do?”

Of course Liam comes up with a brave and clever plan to foil the bear and save his mother, but not until he’s gone through some tough situations.  The language of this book is playful and inventive, and the illustrations complement the text beautifully.  A good choice for someone who’s having bedtime fears.

Roawr! by Barbara Joosse, Philomel, $16.99, ages 3-6

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