Ellen’s Pick of the Day, 4/20/09

mousehunter I can’t believe I’ve forgotten to tell you all about this fabulous book for kids (especially girls) ages 9 to 12 (and parents) who love exciting stories! This wild tale, filled with dramatic twists and turns, takes place in a world populated by thousands of species of mice (trust me, they’re not yucky but are prized as clever pets and useful companions – with some even being rare collectibles worth national fortunes.) Our heroine, 12-year-old Emiline, aspires to become a famous mousehunter, traveling the world in search of new and unusual species. But almost immediately, she finds herself on an ocean-going adventure as daring, treacherous, and suspenseful as Treasure Island. It’s a great read-aloud and would be a good book club selection.

The Mousehunter, by Alex Milway, Little, Brown Young Readers, $15.99.


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