End your evenings with Princess Baby, Night-Night by Karen Katz

Princess Baby, Night-Night, Karen Katz; Schwartz & Wade, 2009, $14.99

It’s princessnighttime for Princess Baby to go night-night! Her mommy and daddy ask her to pick up her toys, put her pajamas on, brush her teeth, wash her face, and pick out a bedtime story. But Princess Baby isn’t sleepy! She dawdles, putting off the inevitable. Princess Baby works so hard not getting herself ready for bed that she becomes very, very tired! When Mommy and Daddy come to tuck their little princess in, they have a surprise waiting for them: Princess Baby, already off in dreamland!

From Karen Katz, author of such delightful toddler classics as Where Is Baby’s Bellybutton? and Mommy Kisses comes a sweet bedtime story to share with your little angel. With simple text and adorable, brightly colored illustrations, Princess Baby Night-Night is the perfect tale to share with your own lovable princess baby!

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