Pandora Gets Jealous

images1Pandora Gets Jealous is set in ancient Greece.  In this book, Pandora had  a school assignment.  Usually she brought in her father’s liver (he is immortal).  The problem is that her teacher told her that if she used the liver again she would fail.  When she got home from school, she was playing with her brother in their parents’ room when she found a box and another part to her father’s amazing story.

The next day she brought the box to school as her assignment.  Pandora told how all the evils of the world were in this little box.  On her way back home, two girls from her school dared her to open the box.  Pandora refused, but in the end the box got opened.  The second it opened, out came the evils.  Now Pandora has to get the evils back before it’s too late.

Pandora Gets Jealous is a great book!  My favorite part was when Pandora and her family put on winged shoes and flew to Mount Olympus to meet Zeus.  This book has a great plot and a lot of adventure — I can’t wait to read the sequels!

Elizabeth, age 10

Pandora Gets Jealous, Bloomsbury Publishing, $6.99

Pandora Gets Vain, Bloomsbury Publishing, $14.99

Pandora Gets Lazy, Bloomsbury Publishing, $14.99


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