Maryam’s Pick of the Day — Just Listen

Just Listen, by Sarah Dessen

just-listenAre you looking for the right book for summer reading?  You can stop searching, because Sarah Dessen mixes the right amount of friendship, drama, and light-heartedness in this novel, making it the book to pick up for the summer.

Annabel Greene should have the perfect life; on the outside, everything seems perfect, at least.  However, things get rough, a close friendship ends bitterly, along with problems at home and other teenage problems.  Annabel thinks that it’s easier to keep everything inside and tell lies.  That is, until she meets Owen, who is music-obsessed and determined to always tell the truth.

Just Listen by Sarah Dessen; $8.99; paperback; Penguin; ages 12 and up

along-for-the-rideIf you already love reading Sarah Dessen, remember to pick up Along for the Ride which will be published in June 2009, just in time for the summer!

Auden is a serious student who as a kid did not have time for riding a bike because she was too busy studying and sitting in on literary discussions at the dinner table. Due to her parents’ constant arguing when she was a child, she learned to stay up all night, which only gave her more time to study.  Now,  the summer before she starts college, she goes to visit her father, step-mother, and newborn step-sister, and her entire life turns around.  In her late night wanderings she meets Eli, who helps her on her “quest” (as he phrases it) to do everything she missed out on as a kid.

Along for the Ride; Pub: June 16, 2009; $19.99; hardcover; ages 12 and up


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