Scaredy Squirrel

scardey-squirrelScaredy Squirrel, by Melanie Watt (Ages 3-6)

There are a lot of frightening and dangerous things out in the world, which is why Scaredy Squirrel likes to just stay in his tree.  That way he won’t encounter anything like aliens, sharks, germs or spiders.  But one day, during his daily routine of eating a nut, looking at the view, eating a nut, looking at the view, eating a nut, he sees a bee.  In a panic Scaredy Squirrel leaps from his tree, which at first seems like a bad idea since he doesn’t have his parachute from his emergency kit, but as he’s flying through the air, Scaredy Squirrel realizes that he’s a flying squirrel and that leaving the tree might not be sooo bad after all.

Melaine Watt has crafted a very funny story.  Grown-ups and kids alike will get a kick  out of the actions of this over-cautious squirrel.  The illustrations are bright and clean with minimal text on each page.  Every few pages, Watt includes an aside that provides additional humor to the story.

Scaredy Squirrel, by Melanie Watt; Kids Can Press, 2006; $7.95


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