Megan’s Catch of the Day 3/27/09

The Curious Garden, by Peter Brown, Ages 3-7

36233007Liam loves exploring the old railroad tracks near his home! When he discovers a neglected patch of plants in his favorite stomping ground, Liam takes it upon himself to nurse the dying garden back to health. As water, sunshine, and love wake the garden up, it joins Liam’s exploration of the dull, gray city. Suddenly color and greenery are springing up everywhere, and the oldest, drabbest, most forgotten places are alive with springtime blossoms! Children will be delighted with this lovely tale of a tiny garden–and boy–who change everything around them with their infectious spirit!

Author and illustrator Peter Brown’s brilliant graphics capture beautifully the contrast between the muddy, smog-ridden tones of the story’s opening and the bright, cheerful burst of color that comes with the garden’s advance! With simple, sparing text, this picture book is a lovely marriage of visual art and gentle storytelling. Young readers will be charmed by this fantastic story that comes just in time for spring!

The Curious Garden, Little Brown, $16.99

Keep growing readers!



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