You don’t know Rapunzel until you’ve read Rapunzel’s Revenge

rapunzelRapunzel’s Revenge,  by Shannon and Dean Hale

You may think you know the story of Rapunzel and her long, beautiful hair, but you’ve never heard it quite like this.  Rapunzel was living a pretty happy life with her mother, Gothel, until she finds out the truth: Mother Gothel isn’t her real mother, she’s an evil witch with the power to make plants grow, or die, at her fingertips.  When Rapunzel finds out the truth, she is thrown into a magical tree tower that has been bewitched by Mother Gothel.  Gothel’s growth magic is so strong that it makes Rapunzel’s hair and nails grow super fast.  With nothing to do but think, Rapunzel spends the next four years locked in the tower reading, training, and plotting her revenge. Her hair gets so long that she can use it as a lasso, and one day she decided to break free.

Rapunzel has a plan: find and free her real mother and then make Gothel pay for everything she’s done.  With the help of her new friend Jack, she tackles a wild boar, kidnapping gangsters, the terrifying Devourer, a pack of ferocious coyotes, and a giant water serpent.  Armed with nothing but her long braids, Rapunzel finds courage, adventure, friendship, and love in a world tormented by Mother Gothel and her evil sorcery.

Rapunzels Revenge, Bloomsbury Publishing, $14.99; ages 12 and up

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