Megan’s Pick of the Day 3/20/09

h9830My Mom Is Trying To Ruin My Life, by Kate Feiffer, Ages 3-7

Emma is convinced that her mom is trying to ruin her life! Why else would she do such shocking, embarassing things in public? Her mom kisses her all over her face! She surprises Emma at school! And she talks way too loudly! What’s a daughter to do? Stop her mother before she goes too far, that’s what! Emma hatches a brilliant plan to pedal her bike far away from her mother’s life-ruining plans. But she discovers a slight hitch: if her mother isn’t around, who will feed her? Who will tuck her in with a bedtime story? Who will chase bad dreams away? Emma makes the enlightening discovery that maybe her mom’s actions are just another way of saying “I love you.”

Kate Feiffer’s sparkling humor is accompanied beautifully by Diane Goode’s simple, colorful illustrations. This is an adorable, humorous read for moms and daughters to enjoy together–and a great warm up for Mother’s Day!

My Mom Is Trying To Ruin My Life, by Kate Feiffer, $16.99, Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers; ages 3-7

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