Ellen’s Book-Lovers’ Club News for 3/16

Hooray For Books! currently has two wonderful clubs for people who love books and want to support their local, independent children’s bookstore.

Both clubs are free to join, and we will keep all your information strictly confidential.

Many of you already know about our Bookstore Booster club. By registering (which takes a just a few seconds while we record your name and phone number), we will keep track of your store purchases and, when the total reaches 20 items, you’ll receive a store credit equal to 5% of what you spent. Best of all, there’s no expiration date and no limit on the number of times you can earn Bookstore Booster rewards.

In addition, we welcome you (especially grandparents!) to enroll in our very special Book-Lovers’  Club. Registration is easy – simply call, send an e-mail, or let us know the next time you visit the store that you would like to join. Then, periodically throughout the year (many folks pick once a month) we’ll make sure that your little ones get the perfect books to fit their interests and reading ability. Right now, we’re thrilled to be providing books each month to children ages 1 to 8 – but there’s no age limit for this club!


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