Megan’s Pick of the Day — A Drowned Maiden’s Hair

A Drowned Maiden’s Hair, by Laura Amy Schlitz, Ages 10 and up

9780763638122Young Maud Flynn only ever wanted a family. But due to her reputation as “plain, clever, and bad” at the Barbary Asylum for Female Orphans, her chances of being swept away to a happy home seem slim at best. It then comes as quite a surprise when three elderly sisters offer Maud a place in their household! The spinsters, however, are not what they seem. As Maud adjusts to her new surroundings, she is thrown head over heels into a strange world of deceit and intrigue. With her new guardians drawing her deeper and deeper into their schemes, Maud must decide whether her desire to belong is more important than her desire to do what is right. Along the way she encounters friendships in the unlikeliest of places and discovers strength she never knew she had.

Told with simple, humorous prose, A Drowned Maiden’s Hair is a delightful tale of what it truly means to have family. Laura Amy Schlitz’s voice is engaging and intriguing, and her novel is a must read for fans of Anne of Green Gables and The Great Gilly Hopkins!

A Drowned Maiden’s Hair, Laura Amy Schlitz, $7.99, Candlewick Press, ages 10 and up

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