Patrick’s Libro Del Dia — Tooth on the Loose by Susan Middleton Elya


Tooth on the Loose, by Susan Middleton Elya; illustrated by Jenny Mattheson

The story centers around a young Latin girl wanting her loose tooth to come out.  She hopes to use the money she will receive from the Tooth Fairy to buy her father a gift. Unfortunately, the tooth doesn’t come out in time, but the young girl comes up with an alternative gift from her heart that is much better than something bought.

Tooth on the Loose is an excellent bilingual book.  Each page contains 3 or 4 Spanish words within the English text; incorporating it into the rhyming verse.  A glossary and pronunciation guide is included at the front of the book. This is a great book for those who are just learning Spanish or those who would like a story that includes Spanish words beyond the tag team sentencing that so many Spanish/English books contain.  That this story centers around something universal for all children — losing their teeth — as well as the value of giving from your heart makes it even more special.

Tooth on The Loose, by Susan Middleton Elya, 2008, $16.99, Penguin Young Readers Group


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