Jazminne’s Picks of the Day 02/24/09

Are you tired of being picked on?  Do you wish that you could be the strongest, prettiest, or most popular kid in school?  Then you will love Bruce Coville’s Magic Shop Books.  These books are full of humor, fantasy, and adventure, and they don’t have to be read in any particular order.  For ages 8 and up!

jeremyJeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher Jeremy Thatcher knows a thing  or two about raising animals.  But after he leaves Mr. Elives’ magic shop with a strange marbled egg, it soon becomes clear that this is one pet he wasn’t prepared for! How is he supposed to keep a flame-breathing dragon with razor-sharp teeth and an out of control appetite in his bedroom?  But if the playful baby dragon is ever to grow up to become a magnificent beast of myth and legend, it needs Jeremy.  And though he doesn’t know it yet, Jeremy needs a dragon.

jenniferJennifer Murdley’s Toad Jennifer Murdley had always wanted to be pretty.  That’s why she’s so surprised to leave Mr. Elives’ magic shop with a particularly ugly toad.  As her worst enemy says, “A toad for a toad.”  But this toad can talk.  And what it has to say sets Jennifer off on a journey that leads her into the company of the Immortal Vermin and straight to the Beauty Parlor of Doom…where she comes face-to-face with her deepest fears and dreams.  Jennifer would give anything to be beautiful.  But sometimes anything is too high a price to pay.

monsterThe Monster’s Ring If ever a kid needed to release his inner monster, it’s Russell Crannaker.  He’s bullied at school and he’s bullied at home, and when he stumbles into Mr. Elives’ magic shop, he’s even bullied into buying something he didn’t know he needed.  His purchase–a strange green ring– promises a monstrous magic that will make Russell bully-proof for the rest of his life. The directions for the ring are very simple: Twist it once, you’re horned and haired; Twist it twice and fangs are bared; Twist it Thrice? No one has Dared! Russell has been feeling daring lately…

Other Magic Shop Books: The Skull of Truth ;   Juliet Dove, Queen of Love. Harcourt Brace/Houghton Mifflin Books


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