Paper Towns has something for everyone

papertowns1Paper Towns This is a great novel about a mysterious girl and the boy who loves her and the road trip that brought them together.

Paper Towns by John Green  $17.99 (hardcover)


“The funniest serious mystery novel about love and Walt Whitman.”

Paper Towns  truly has something for everyone; it is a mystery, a love story, a teen adventure, and a literary analysis of Walt Whitman.


Paper Towns is as much a novel about Q as it is about Margo Roth Spiegelman.  When Margo disappears one night, everyone believes that it is just like the last times that she ran away and she’ll just come back on her own when she wishes, but Q isn’t so sure because Margo has left him a trail of clues as to where she went; a poster in her window, a record, and a highlighted copy of “Song of Myself” by Walt Whitman.  Though his friends Radar and Ben Starling aren’t too interested in where Margo ran away to, Q spends his days pouring over “Song of Myself”.  To Q, graduation is the lowest priority when Margo’s strings might have all snapped.


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