Megan’s Pick — Tales from Outer Suburbia

Several months ago, we received an unpublished galley of Shaun Tan’s Tales From Outer Suburbia, and I was immediately enchanted. Combining short, 51wpaf-pqtl_ss500_vignette-style stories with quirky illustrations, Tan has created a lovely fairy tale collection vaguely reminiscent of our own neighborhoods and backyards. The author/illustrator’s creative illustrations are peppered with unique creations that, coupled with his equally inventive tales, are new and irresistible.

Tan’s point is clear: even though we sometimes find our surroundings dull, the truth is that no life is ordinary. Hidden in each existence is a strange, fantastical story waiting to be told. Children 10 and up will be drawn in by the inventive nature of this book, and adults will also enjoy the author’s very relevant message and masterful execution of a unique theme.

Tales From Outer Suburbia, Shaun Tan, $19.99 (hardcover, published Feb. 2009)

Come on by and check out this fabulous new book!




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