Busman’s Holiday

Our daughter Ceanna has been living in Minneapolis for a year, and although we’ve seen her several times during the past year, we hadn’t been to visit her on her own turf, so Joe & I decided to visit her before the weather got cold again in Minnesota. We flew out on a Friday morning in August and spent the afternoon walking around the Uptown area of Minneapolis, seeing Ceanna’s apartment and the movie theater where she works, as well as walking by Lake Calhoun. Ceanna’s neighborhood has two independent bookstores within a few blocks of her apartment, so we had to check them out.

Saturday was spent at the Minnesota State Fair, which is a HUGE fair, attended by thousands of people! The only book-related story I have from the Fair is demonstrated by this photo, which shows that Curious George is really BIG at the State Fair. Ceanna won a little guitar by making her Curious George reach the top of the column before anyone else.


Sunday included a lunch with Ceanna’s roommate’s parents and an afternoon of talking and visiting, capped off by a visit to “Wild Rumpus,” a children’s bookstore that is legendary in the book business. We were amazed by the menagerie at this store – chickens, cats, lizards, rats, chinchillas, ferret, cockatiels and parakeets! I’ve included a photo or two of the store, just for fun. We ended the day with a walk beside the Mississippi River, followed by dinner at an Indian restaurant.

Monday’s bookstore visit was to “Once Upon A Crime,” a mystery bookstore that’s been in business since 1987. It’s in the basement of an old apartment building, chockablock with books. The owner told me that they try to have at least one copy of every crime fiction book that’s in print at any given moment! And they don’t use a computer! I don’t think I’d like to try it, but she and her husband have run the bookstore this way for 21 years!

So now it’s time for me to get back to work and give Ellen a rest, after manning the ship for 4 days. I’ve enjoyed talking to bookstore owners and getting new ideas, which I plan to share with Ellen and the rest of the crew when I return.


One thought on “Busman’s Holiday

  1. Paula says:

    Wonderful page, nice to see that other folks love books as much as I do. Interestingly I am dyslexic, and when I was growing up in a small town in NJ, this was not something that had even been heard of yet. Nonetheless I was very fortunate to have a reading teacher, unheard of in 1957-58, that took a huge interest in me. She often told me that I could comprehend well past my age but could not read at grade level. With her perseverance, and mine as well, I developed into an avid reader. Yes, I was the kid who would read just about anything, even the back of the old Lysol cans simply to have something to read!

    Now you asked on your website if anyone had a favorite book. So many have crossed my hands but my favorite child’s book will always be “Madelaine” . How can anyone read and re-read this precious book and not stop at….”and on her stomach was a scar…”? I know I can never pass up the line.

    Looking forward to coming by very soon, so glad I found you during a trip to the internet.

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