When the going gets tough…

I’m new to blogging, so when things got really busy I just stopped writing!  Every time I thought about blogging, I’d think “tomorrow.”  But here I am, somewhat back on track.   Someone I know described the process of opening a business as similar to the birthing process — you’re very excited and energized during the planning phase, and then the baby arrives, and all of a sudden you’re being pulled in twelve different directions, you’re sleep-deprived, and you’re wondering “what was I thinking?”  So I’m just waiting for the baby to start sleeping through the night — wait, no, that’s ME that needs to sleep through the night!

Lots of exciting things have been happening since you last heard from me.  We’ve gotten in lots of books, plus some CDs and plush (Corduroy and Curious George).  For those of you who remember them, we’ve ordered some of the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books, which have been reissued recently.  Ellen and I have been meeting with publishers’ reps to order books for fall and  winter, and we can’t wait to share them with you!

We’ve added another author visit to our roster — Kate Feiffer (daughter of Jules Feiffer) is coming Oct. 9 at 1:30 pm to promote her new book, “President Pennybaker,” which is the story of Luke Pennybaker, a young boy who decides to run for president to make things more fair for kids, and ends up winning the election!

We’ve also added new staff since I last blogged:  Alice Kennedy, a mother of two teenagers who just moved back to Alexandria after a year in Ireland, Laurie Winakur, mother of a kindergartner, and Maryam Yachnes, a student at West Potomac High School, who will be working after school and on weekends.  On a less happy note, Haley and Chelsea will be heading off to Grove City College, in Haley’s case for the first time.  We’re going to miss them, but wish them well at college.  We’ll still have Patrick for Saturday storytimes and  Megan in between her classes at NOVA and whatever plays in which she gets a part.


2 thoughts on “When the going gets tough…

  1. Jane Esterhuizen says:

    Hi there,

    I am one of the very fortunate people who’s paths crossed with your newest staff member Alice Kennedy when she was with her family in Ireland! We miss her so very much here & our loss is most certainly your gain – I compliment you on your fine judge of character ! Not only is she a fantastic sales person she is also amazing with kids & and just one in a million! I wish you every success with Hooray for Books & will definately visit your store when we visit Alice! Kind regards, Jane

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