Unpacking Boxes for Store Opening

Another day of unpacking, among other things. It’s challenging to come up with a logical way to organize the books — I think it will be something that changes as we discover what works and what doesn’t work.

Ellen worked on shelving the books for our youngest customers, but was somewhat distracted by all of the new board books we’ve ordered. Of course, even the books we’ve known and loved for years look bright and new, just out of the box!

One surprise today was a package from Candlewick with a little Maisy playhouse that we’ve set up in the window at 1555 King Street. They sent it to us because we ordered a lot of Maisy books, including many old favorites, and a new one in which Maisy goes to a museum.

We also got in our order of DK Eyewitness books, so I was able to fill up our spinner rack, and it looks great! There’s one about the Olympics which tells how athletic competitions are timed within fractions of a second, what special materials are used to make a modern swimsuit, which sports were included in the ancient Olympic Games, and who has won the most Olympic medals. There’s also one about ancient China, which might tie in well with the Olympics this year. For those of you who haven’t had enough of the primaries, there’s a brand-new title: Eyewitness Vote! And another current events favorite — Eyewitness Oil. Many of the books in the Eyewitness series now come with a CD of clip art from the book for use in school reports and a wall chart kids can hang on their bedroom wall.

I spent the day trying to get everything wrapped up for my trip to BookExpo in Los Angeles tomorrow. I’m taking my camera with me, in the hope of getting photos of authors and illustrators to post on the blog. And of course I’ll see all sorts of new books and games and toys as well, and will be placing orders for the store. I’ll let you know what I find…


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